Greek Ages 9+

Ελληνικά για αρχάριους (με γραπτό λόγο) - Ηλικίες 9+

Learn Greek through Greek mythology! Follow at the heroes’ footsteps, collect glory points and use them to unlock new myths and learn about the gods and the monsters inhabiting the mythological version of ancient Greece. Begin your journey of learning Greek along with Perseus, Odysseus and Ikarus. Take your first steps on the Greek language and learn words and expressions along with exciting mythological stories.

This particular age group is one of the most challenging and demanding, since this is when most students discontinue their attendance at Greek school. Learning Greek needs to be prioritized alongside other extra-curricular activities, such as gaming! To make learning Greek more engaging for young learners, this Staellinika course gamifies the experience by transferring elements widely common in video games to the learning environment.

The learning process relies on the metaphor of exploration, with the learners exploring and facing challenges in ancient Greece as a customizable character. The avatar’s journey becomes their own, and the development of the characters abilities mirrors their own progress in learning Greek. In terms of instructional goals, the knowledge space is extended to include written speech production and comprehension, along with activities that require artifact creation.

The theme of the level is directly related to Greek mythology, gods, heroes and monsters. The learners take the role of a Greek hero who traverses the length of ancient Greece, reliving the most popular myths and learning about the places where they took place. Introductory videos present an animated narration of various ancient Greek myths, while the learning experience reflects the hero’s journey by gradually unlocking and completing smaller subunits / levels.

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Course Modules

The Alphabet Learn to recognize and pronounce the Greek letters.

Personal Information Learn how to ask or give personal information.

My family Learn how to describe your family.

At the restaurant Learn how to order food in a restaurant.

My neighborhood Learn how to describe your neighborhood and give directions.

A day at the zoo Learn to describe animals and where they live.

Come to my party! Learn how to invite people to your birthday party.

The last day of school Talk about your school and your favorite school subjects.

Vacation Learn how to plan your holidays.