We are working with experts to ensure that the Staellinika Platform supports teaching and learning the Greek language in all types of Schools in the Diaspora!
Staellinika offers an easy to adopt, technology-based solution for teaching Greek at schools in the Diaspora.
Staellinika courses have been designed on a needs assessment study conducted in schools of different types in North America, to accommodate the needs of both teachers and students.
Flexible curriculum, easy to adopt

Staellinika curriculum is task-based and it is compatible to the majority of Greek language learning textbooks used by schools in the Diaspora. It has been designed with flexibility in mind, to be implemented effortlessly in already established curriculums followed by Greek schools abroad. Staellinika can be used as a standalone school curriculum or as a complementary learning resource.

Multiple modes of implementation

The Staellinika language learning platform allows for different ways of implementation, accommodating the individual needs of each school or class. The courses can be used in a blended learning environment, in a flipped classroom instructional mode, as a remediation tool or as a catching-up resource for new students with no prior knowledge in the Greek language.

Learning Analytics dashboards

Staellinika learning management system offers elaborate learning analytics dashboards, which provide teachers with a detailed view of their students’ progress and give an insight on possible challenges some of their students might face while working on specific instructional goals.

Teacher guides

Staellinika curriculum is a complete instructional solution for teaching Greek in schools in the Diaspora, providing not only learning resources for students, in the form of Greek language courses with all the necessary study materials and learning activities, but also comprehensive teacher guides, which include all the linguistic and pedagogical goals of Staellinika curriculum, as well as suggested in-class, game-based activities that reinforce those instructional goals.

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