Individual Learners

Staellinika is tailor-made for parents and their children learning at home.

Discover a new and engaging way of learning Greek!
Learning a language is not an easy feat. Staellinika courses provide the necessary tools and scaffolding to facilitate learning Modern Greek, based on up-to-date pedagogical theories and instructional methods.

The content is organized in manageable units that can be completed in short, 10 to 15 minute learning sessions. Learners accomplish learning goals of incremental complexity, building their confidence and increasing their motivation to achieve higher levels of proficiency in the Greek language.

Supporting multiple learning styles

Each individual learns in a different way. Staellinika courses accommodate this by offering an open learning structure, allowing for multiple learning paths and different learning strategies for the learners to follow. Study the grammar rules and test your knowledge in the activities section, review authentic examples of Greek language use in different communication circumstances, or start by attempting a quiz and referring to the provided language resources as necessary. The possibilities are endless!