Greek Ages 4+

Ελληνικά για αρχάριους (χωρίς γραπτό λόγο) - Ηλικίες 4+

Explore a small neighborhood, meet new friends and learn about the seasons, the colours, the animals, parts of the body and much more! Listen to old favorite and original songs, sing along and learn more than a hundred Greek words and phrases. Enjoy 10+ animated videos, hundreds of colorful flashcards and interactive activities and discover how exciting and fun learning Greek can be!

Children from four to six years, represent great differences in their developmental capabilities from year to year. The pre-school level course of ‘Staellinika’ project addresses this by incorporating multiple layers on the learning materials included in each module. As the learners revisit the content at a later age, they will discover something new, as their skills develop. Additionally, the course design allows the child to explore a diverse and colorful neighborhood, as recent studies in early childhood education has shown that young learners in pre-school age prefer an exploratory learning experience to an achievement - based one.

The core instructional objective of the particular level is to facilitate children to build a basic vocabulary, as well as a set of standard phrases for simple communication circumstances. The learning materials include small stories based on fairy tales and contemporary life, as well as simple songs that introduce the vocabulary for each module. Videos promote interaction, through repetition or music-kinetic activities that accompany the linguistic component, thereby reinforcing the retention of vocabulary. The stories are carefully animated, in order to provide visual reference for every language element. Songs use repetitive patterns and simple lyrics, to maximize their effectiveness as a study material.

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Course Modules

Learning about the colors • Sing and learn how to say the different colors in Greek.

Talking about myself • Sing this little song about a kid and its mirror and learn about your body and daily routines.

Learning about the fall • Sing this little song about the fall and learn of its weather and events.

Learning about the winter • Sing this little song about the winter and learn of its weather and events.

Learning about the spring • Sing this little song about the spring and learn of its weather and events.

Learning about the summer • Sing this little song about the summer and learn of its weather and events.

Learning about the animals • Sing and learn about the different animals.