Ages 13+

Ελληνικά για αρχάριους (με γραπτό λόγο) - Έφηβοι και ενήλικες

Learning Greek has never been easier! Following the principles of microlearning and gamification, use this course to take your first steps in the Greek language. With hundreds of flashcards, authentic language use examples and comprehensive guides, you will learn the Greek alphabetic system, beginner level communication skills and grammar fundamentals. This course has been designed to introduce you to the language, avoiding an overwhelmingly steep learning curve. Learning tools will offer the opportunity for a comprehensive monitoring of your learning experience and performance.

The Staellinika course for this level is focusing on balanced development of all four linguistic skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing) in a culturally and communication rich context. The digital learning environment facilitates self-regulated learning, where the learners assume responsibility for their learning, monitor their performance, choose appropriate learning strategies and adjust their learning behavior, in order to achieve personalized learning goals. This level is focused on learner agency and a highly customizable learning experience.

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Course Modules

The Alphabet

Introductions and greetings

Personal Info

Countries, languages and nationalities

Family Relations


Describing a person's appearance

Daily Routine

School life

Weather and clothes

My room

My house