Greek Mythology


On the shores of which island did Aphrodite first appear? Which child did Hera hate so much that she decided to throw them off the cliffs of Mount Olympus? What happens when mortals try to compete with the gods? Greek mythology is full of fascinating stories of adventure and valor, but also of hatred and revenge. Take a closer look at the lives of the Olympians and discover which part of Greece we associate them with. This course offers children the opportunity to learn about some of the most famous myths from ancient Greece.

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Greek Mythology for Children is available in Greek and English targeting Children Ages 8+
Course Modules
The Olympian Gods Ι
The Powers and abilities of the most important gods of the Ancient Greek Pantheon
The Olympian Gods ΙΙ
The Powers and abilities of the most important gods of the Ancient Greek Pantheon
Mythological Battles
Perseus & Medusa (The myth of a great hero and his most memorable feat)
Athena vs Poseidon: The Name Giving of Athens (The tale of how the great city of Athens got its name)
Theseus and the Minotaur (Applying the message of the famous myth to present day issues)
Mythological Inventions
The Trojan Horse (A brief look at the story of how the Trojan War came to an end)
Icarus & Daedalus (The story of the youth who flew too close to the sun)
Talos, the first robot (The legend of the first robot in the world and the heroine who defeated it)
Mythological Upsets
Hercules and the Olympics (The story of the very first Olympic Games ever held)
Theogony (An account of the origin and descent of the gods)