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A New Take on Greek Mythology

At the shores of which island Aphrodite first appeared? Which of her children Hera hated so much that she threw it from a cliff of Mount Olympus? What happens when a mortal wants to compete with the gods themselves? Greek mythology is full of fascinating stories of adventure, valor, but also hatred and revenge. Take a close look into the lives of the Olympians, learn about them and discover which part of Greece they are connected with. The course offers a kid friendly approach to the most famous ancient Greek myths.

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Mythology that Kick Ass

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We currently offer 4 courses targeting beginner learners from preschool to teens and adults.


Heritage Greek

Staellinka courses are specifically designed for Greeks in Diaspora.



Staellinika offers a personalized learning experience for all learners.



Staellinika courses are also available as beautiful apps on the App Store and Google Play.


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Staellinika is the official platform for learning Greek in Diaspora.


We are working with experts to ensure that the Staellinika Platform supports teaching and learning the Greek language in all types of Schools in the Diaspora!

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The Staellinika applications have been designed in order to facilitate meaningful parent participation. Parents can register their children and monitor their learning while they learn too!

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